What is TimminsCon?

TimminsCon is a two day Comicon style event held annually in Timmins, Ontario. It's a weekend of fun and excitement with features including celebrity meet and greets, panels, workshops, cosplay, artists, vendors and more! 

Where is the TimminsCon?

TimminsCon is at the McIntyre Community Centre, 85 McIntyre Road, Timmins Ontario

When is TimminsCon ?

September 26 & 27, 2020

What are the hours for TimminsCon?

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Tickets and Prices

Advanced tickets are not available this year, day admission fees are as follows:

0 yr - 5 years of age - FREE

6 yr - 12 years of age - $5.00 / day

13 + years of age - $10.00 / day

Weekend Pass - TBC

Will my child need adult accompaniment?

Any child using a Child Pass and children 5 and under require adult accompaniment.


How do I become a vendor?

Registrations are now closed for TimminsCon 2020.

Will there be a list of vendors available?

Yes! We will have vendors listed on the website and shout outs on our social media pages.


What kind of programming will be happening at TimminsCon?

We’ve got something for everyone! There will be discussion panels, Q&A panels with guests, workshops or seminars on a number of topics, costume contest and so much more! (schedule subject to change without prior notice)

Autographs and Photo Ops

How many people can be in a photo op? 

It’s up to the guest’s discretion. We suggest a maximum of 2 people to ensure photo quality won’t be affected.

What will guests sign? 

It’s up to the guest’s discretion. Collectible cards, posters, head shots, books, toys, props haven’t posed a problem in the past.

Staying in Timmins

Does Northern Ontario Expo have any partner hotels with special rates?

Please check the Hotels tab at the top of the page.

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the arena. There is no charge for parking.

General Stuff

Can I bring a camera and take pictures? 

You may bring a camera, however please note that pictures will not be allowed when you’re standing in line to get a photograph/autograph. Pictures are allowed during stage performances.

How does meeting guests work? 

If you are getting a photo/autograph with a guest, you can say a few words, but remember there is limited time scheduled for these events and lines are sometimes quite long. Please be considerate of those waiting for their turn. 

Am I allowed to bring my own bags?

Sure can!

Am I allowed to bring my own water?

Of course!

Where can I get food?

There is a food stand within the venue

Is there WiFi?

Yes there is.

Is there an ATM on site?

Get your card ready!

Northern Ontario Expo offer refunds?

The purchase of any ticket constitutes accepting all of the Terms & Conditions, tickets are non-refundable. To transfer tickets to another ticket holder, please contact us. Paper tickets do not require our involvement and can be sold to another attendee without a transfer being required. Northern Ontario Expo has no responsibility for secondary market transactions.

Northern Ontario Expo and the Community

Which charities do you support? 

We have contributed items and funds to various local groups such as Canadian Metal Health. The Northern Ontario Expo also contributes to bursaries for O'Gorman High School and monetary donations to local churches.

Which events do you attend?

We have attended The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge, Welcome to Timmins Night, 2017 Stars and Thunder and host our own events as well. 

Can you show up at our event? 

We love getting out into the community and getting our geek on! Email us at fdenisnoe@gmail.com with information, dates, and your needs.